The Re-Invented #AVF2019 Program Schedule

An Official Sneak Peek

The entrepreneurial landscape has changed significantly since the first Atlantic Venture Forum in 2013. As the ecosystem continues to gain momentum, the AVF is being transformed to meet the needs of this dynamic region. New ventures and growth stage companies need more than just financial capital to succeed. Innovation, partnerships, ingenuity, and expertise are just a few of the ingredients for an entrepreneur’s tech success story, and you will find all of these and more when you join us at the 2019 Atlantic Venture Forum in Halifax, NS.

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#AVF2018 Program Schedule

AVF 2019 – A Year for Reinvention Stories…

DAY 1: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 @ Volta

Day 1 features concurrent programming that takes place at Volta in the Maritime Centre from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Delegates are invited to take part in all of the opportunities throughout the first day:

Keynote Speaker

Adam Nanjee: “The Future of Scaling Startups: Partnerships, Cloud & Capital”

Listen in as Adam shares from his plethora of industry related knowledge on the future of successfully scaling a startup through the use of partnerships, the cloud, and capital – only at #AVF2019!

As an ambassador for Canada’s startup, technology and innovation communities, Adam Nanjee built Canada’s first FinTech startup and innovation national group at MaRS Discovery District, one of North America’s largest innovation hubs based in Toronto, Canada. Having worked in the startup and corporate innovation ecosystems for over 15 years at MaRS, MasterCard, BlackBerry, Zafin and presently at Microsoft, Adam combines his unique experience in scaling startups, venture capital, corporate technology integration and global technology partnerships. Adam is currently the Managing Director of Canada for Microsoft for Startups, working closely with Canadian entrepreneurs, founders, innovation hubs, and accelerators to scale Canadian startups using Microsoft platforms.


AVF Matchmaking Event

Curated Strategic Meetings for AVF Delegates Only – Concurrent Programming

At the #AVF2019 Matchmaking Event, we want to curate meaningful connections between innovators and potential investors. To make this happen, we will be strategically matching Innovators and Founders with Investors and Corporate Leaders based on their Q&A survey responses for a tailored and seamless business development experience. Each investor or corporate will host these one-to-one matched meetings, as we work to foster meaningful connections between all parties.

Learn more about the Matchmaking Event.


All-Stages Entrepreneur Sessions

Hosted by Startup Genius, Craig Elias. Learn more about him here

Entrepreneur Sessions tailored to founders – Concurrent Programming

Join us for a full day of immersive entrepreneur training and actionable content regardless of stage, that will be facilitated by a globally sought-after startup community leader. The day will host several guest speakers, who will be discussing the most relevant issues technology companies and founders are facing today.

What to Expect from the Sessions:

  • “Will it Fly” | How to know if your idea has wings
  • “Getting Funded” | Part 1
    • Getting Funded: Angel, VC, Bank?
    • Exit Strategy: Lawyer Section
  • “Getting Funded” | Part 2
    • Nailing Your Pitch
    • Realistic Deal Structuring
  • Panel: “Building Your Dream Team” | Access to talent, retention strategy and best practices for hiring (and firing…) at your tech company
  • “Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make”
  • And much more!

All Delegates are Invited to Join on a Come and Go Basis 


Welcome Reception: Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel

This year, all delegates are invited to join us for end of day one cocktails and canapés, while networking and taking in the scenic Halifax harbour and waterfront!

Make the most of your conference experience, grab a drink, and let the networking begin. The reception is open to all registered #AVF2019 delegates and will commence with a featured Keynote Speaker. We look forward to networking and seeing you all there!

DAY 2: Thursday, June 27, 2019

Join us at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel for the second day of #AVF2019 – featuring all of the sessions you know and love with an all new reinvented format!

Keynote Speaker

April Dunford: "Positioning for Startups - How to Make Your Product Obviously Awesome"

April is going to draw on her own experiences and teach you how to recognize the common signs of weak positioning and what to do about it. Don’t miss out on a chance to learn from an expert who knows how to leverage market trends and unlock rapid revenue growth through a strategic shift in positioning!

April Dunford is an executive consultant, speaker, and author, who helps technology companies make complicated products easy for customers to understand and love. She is a globally recognized expert in positioning and market strategy and has launched 16 products to market in her 25-year career as VP Marketing at a series of successful high-growth startups. April advises leadership, sales, and marketing teams through training, workshops, and keynote presentations. She is also a board member, investor, and adviser to dozens of high-growth businesses.

Keynote Speaker

Paul de Gelder: "Embracing the Power of Change"

Don’t miss the ultimate story of reinvention, as Paul shares his life-altering experience, at #AVF2019. Find out how he inspires others to Embrace The Power Of Change and face every challenge head-on.

In February of 2009, a brutal shark-attack in the Sydney Harbour left Paul without two of his limbs and clinging to life. With his daredevil career at stake, Paul took this traumatic experience and turned it into his greatest opportunity to leave a positive impact. Nine years later, Paul has now traveled the world as a top motivational speaker, passionate environmentalist, author of the book, No Time for Fear, and co-host of nine documentaries for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and one for National Geographic!


General Program Sessions

Panel Session: The Access-to-Capital Battle

Take your seats and get ready for a capital showdown. Top investors from outside the Atlantic Canadian region want you to know why their firm is the best option for your venture. Watch as they pitch their respective firms in three minutes or less and vie for the attention of the regions’ top performing tech companies. What really differentiates these funds, and which one has the right mix of experience, tenacity, and capital to match your company as you scale-up?


Panel Session: Clash of the Corporate Dealmakers

Hungry for capital that comes with corporate partnership? These corporate leaders each have strategic agendas for working with and engaging entrepreneurs. Learn why these corporate firms want to work with emerging tech companies as they pitch you on the opportunities they can offer. Find out what their corporate reach and industry experience can offer, as opposed to traditional investment, and why they just might be a better fit for your business.


Technology Showcase: Break Out Company Pitches

20+ top companies take the stage, representing the Atlantic Canadian Technology Market across various sectors including IT, Sustainable Tech, Life Sciences & Health Technologies, and newly added Oceans Technologies. Each company has five minutes to demonstrate their business opportunity, and provide compelling reasons why the Investors, corporate leaders, and innovation economy stewards should take a closer look!


Life Sciences & Health Technology Fireside Chat: “Building Global Networks”

Does your company have too much comfort within the local ecosystem? Have you built sufficient networks and exposure globally? Find out what the industry’s leading professionals know about building success in the Life Sciences and Health Technology arena and why emphasizing connections outside your current network is vital for the survival of your business.


Panel Conversation: “Scaling Your Company: Got Money… Now What?”

Hear from local entrepreneurs who have raised capital and learn more about what a growing company looks like in the days after funding is secured… Get the inside scoop from these growing Atlantic Canadian tech companies, as they break down their respective journeys toward raising capital, and what the growing pains look like once it is secured. Listen in to get a glimpse into what lies ahead after the cash is in hand…


The Annual Taste of Nova Scotia Lobster Bash!

Lobster. Lots of it. Pair that up with scores of locally produced delicacies, craft beer, cocktails, and spirits coming from artisans across Nova Scotia. This is the Legendary Taste of Nova Scotia Lobster Bash and it is the Atlantic Canadian technology networking party of the summer.

Bottom line here is: good food + good people = good times!

Oh, and did we mention there’s Lobster?