Stay tuned for the 2020 Technology Showcase!

Thank You to the Outstanding Companies that Presented in our 2019 Technology Showcase!

The reinvented Technology Showcase at #AVF2019 featured a comprehensive selection of top-performing companies from across Atlantic Canada. Over 20 companies were selected to showcase, as they represented the Atlantic Canadian Technology Market.

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 Best Presenting Company Awards!

Ocean Tech Innovation

An Exclusive Showing of Atlantic Canada’s Top Oceans Tech Innovators. We are thrilled to announce our Oceans Tech Innovation companies that have been selected to present in this Inaugural Showcase. Connect with these five companies at AVF and see why they are making waves in Ocean Technology!

Information & Communication Technologies

Catch Atlantic Canada’s Top IT and ICT Tech Companies. We are excited to announce the selected IT and ICT companies that will take the AVF stage. Join us in supporting these tremendous innovators as they reveal their game-changing technologies and high-growth businesses at #AVF2019!

Sustainable Technology

We are pleased to announce the Sustainable Technology companies that have been selected to present at #AVF2019! We look forward to learning more about the innovative technology these companies have created, and how it will positively impact the environment.

Life Sciences & Health Technologies

We are excited to announce the Life Sciences & Health Technologies Companies that will be presenting at #AVF2019! Listen in as these high growth companies delve into what sets their innovative technology apart from the rest, and why they are the company to keep your eyes on.